1.5 Million Sq Ft of Light, Space and Sound

Jessica Bolaños Vanegas
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Credit: Jessica Bolaños Vanegas, Day for Night, Houston, Texas, 2016

This time last year, WonkyPower invited my partner and I to year two of Day for Night. If you’re not familiar with the fest, imagine indoor, outdoor and corridor spaces where art, music, light, sound, physical and digital immersive experiences happen to you — back to back.

You can choose to interact, be a spectator, contribute, affect, capture and feel each experience as created by the programmers, designers, audio-visual artists, musicians and others involved in the production of the fest.

Credit: Jessica Bolaños Vanegas TUNDRA, Outlines installation, Day for Night, 2016

The past two years at Day for Night brought NONOTAK to Houston, a collaboration between French illustrator Noemi Schipfer and Japanese architect-musician Takami Nakamoto.

VOLUME, a 19,375 square foot installation was constructed in a giant warehouse inside Silver Street Studios for the inaugural year of the fest in Dec 2015. It was the largest installation I’d seen to date. In year two they brought SHIRO and HIGHLINE (pictured below) and featured in the video (above).

Credit: Jessica Bolaños VanegasNONOTAK, HIGHLINE installation, Day for Night, Dec 2016

“Day for Night continues to surpass the limits of exploring the boundaries of light, space, and sound”

…says Marlene Rivera, Street Team Manager of Day for Night. Marlene is one of 17 core Houston team members who are organizing this year’s fest. When I ask Marlene what she’s most excited about at this year’s fest, she tells me she’s “thrilled to see the art installations of Playmodes”.

Playmodes is an audiovisual research studio team of artists, designers, musicians and engineers from Barcelona who integrate science with creative methodologies to make audio-visual works of art. Imagine art made of light, brought to life by sounds and code.

In its second year, the was festival moved to the Barbara Jordan Post Office, a historic building designed by Wilson, Morris, Crain & Anderson — the same architects that designed the Houston Astrodome. The fest will be held in the same location this year, Dec 15–17, 2017.

On the radar at Day for Night 2017:

Saint Heron, Ryoji Ikeda, Ekene Iieoma, Matthew Schreiber, UCLA Arts Conditional Studio + Processing Foundation and more.



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