A Dated Timeline of 2020 Events from traveling to Spain for Video Production to COVID-safe Virtual Video & Editing from Home.

PREFACE : Goodspero (pronounced good-sparrow) is a video and digital team I co-founded alongside Nelson Vanegas, while I was entering my 3rd year in college and studying at the Cyvia and Melvyn Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship in the Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston. This is the 3rd business we’ve worked on together, and the 2nd in which I’ve held a stake in the company.

The first company — TTMR Studios. A music & audio recording studio in Alief, started by Nelson in partnership with a local Asian business owner. …


Texas’ favorite grocery store is a leader in social distancing efforts during the coronavirus pandemic

Partner disinfecting hands at H-E-B Curbside — Houston, Texas, April 10, 2020, 📷: Jessica Bolaños


Before the coronavirus, we used to write down our grocery list on a notepad, drive to the closest H-E-B (down the street), spend 30 minutes to an hour getting what we needed and coming home to put it all up in the kitchen. But when things started to get bad and the news began promoting social distancing and masks, our habits changed quickly.

One of the first thing’s I did was try H-E-B’s home delivery. When my mom’s birthday was a couple of days away, I thought it’d be nice to deliver groceries to her house which is an hour…

Virtual Classes | Resources

MasterClasses, The Internet, and Devices for Grades K-12

As I sat on my golden throne one morning watching an Instagram video ad on my phone of Malcolm Gladwell’s MasterClass on Writing, I assumed I saw it in my feed because of AI and algorithms. Awesomely Luvvie posted an IG story about reading his book the day prior and I had responded in a DM about it.

That’s fine, I thought, I’ll read anything Gladwell. I don’t mind him popping up in my feed — this is ad targeting done right. I’ve bought and read all 5 of Gladwell’s books, listened to his TED talks, heard him speak at…

Immigration | Moving | Home

A Woman’s Relationship with Home and Change Over 35+ Years

I’m often told by U.S. citizens and those who want to be citizens but haven’t been able to get their citizenship or residency yet, that I’m lucky or privileged to live in the United States.

But I’ve never quite felt at home here. Neither did I feel at home when I visited my parents’ home country — Colombia. To some U.S. citizens, I’ll never be (North) “American enough” and to some Colombians, I’ll never be “Colombian enough”. That’s fair. I was raised in the U.S. by Colombians in a red state.

I often feel bad that others, whose families came…

Cyvia and Melvyn Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship — Virtual Class of 2021, Week of April 5–11, Twenty-twenty. + Canva LinkedIn Banner template with PRO Photo, keyword: “business”

Personal branding and online branding — for years we’ve been talking about the two and the places where they merge. For some, avoidance has been the strategy. Keeping work, school, home and the internet as separate and private as possible. Now, amidst Stay at Home, Work Safe Orders, thanks to COVID-19, much of the world has transitioned to working, studying and celebrating holidays at home — hosting virtual meetings on video conferencing platforms like Zoom.

In a message to “Zoom users around the world”, Eric S. Yuan, Founder and CEO of Zoom said,

“…over 90,000 schools across 20 countries that…

Startup | Entrepreneurship

One entrepreneur’s startup stories over an 18 year period

Cat Working from Home — Canva design by Goodspero, April 09, 2020

If you’re a non-traditional college student, one or more of the following typically applies to you. You:

  • Didn’t go to college in the same year you finished high school
  • Attend school part-time
  • Work full-time (35+ hours/week) while taking classes
  • Have 1 or more kids

…or a number of other factors.

Traditional students are typically described as students who attend classes full-time immediately after high school and don’t have any major responsibilities like full-time jobs or kids.

Either way, maybe school just wasn’t/isn’t for you. I thought the same thing until I started my first business with my partner and by…

Art | Graffiti | Travel

Spain — Last Art Exhibit Before the Shutdowns

While walking spontaneously through the streets of Barcelona, the capital city on the coast of northeastern Spain, my partner and I of Goodspero, two multi-media creatives from Houston, Texas, US in town to film alongside Geoffrey Moskowitz of Fat Cat Productions, and his clients, Sean Kinney and Catherine Sbeglia of RCRWireless News at the MWC (Mobile World Congress), the world’s largest tech conference/exhibition for the mobile industry (which was cancelled a few days before we arrived due to fears of the coronavirus)— we happened to stumble upon The World of Banksy in Espacio Trafalgar.

“The World of Banksy” Exhibition in Barcelona, Spain — replica of artwork in “The Walled Off Hotel” pictured here in 360°. // Photo by: Jessica Bolaños Vanegas, Goodspero.

Between filming, editing, social media, writing…

Credit: Jessica Bolaños Vanegas, Day for Night, Houston, Texas, 2016

This time last year, WonkyPower invited my partner and I to year two of Day for Night. If you’re not familiar with the fest, imagine indoor, outdoor and corridor spaces where art, music, light, sound, physical and digital immersive experiences happen to you — back to back.

You can choose to interact, be a spectator, contribute, affect, capture and feel each experience as created by the programmers, designers, audio-visual artists, musicians and others involved in the production of the fest.

Credit: Jessica Bolaños Vanegas TUNDRA, Outlines installation, Day for Night, 2016

The past two years at Day for Night brought NONOTAK

📷: Nelson Vanegas | HOUSTON, TX, U.S. — 2017

When an introvert goes out as night…
mental prepping involuntarily begins the day prior.

The day of I would rather stay in but convince myself that’s what I usually choose — so this time — I’m going out.

I arrive at my first destination and see someone I know as I’m walking up. Between me and him and the friend I do not know next to him, is my phone. My virtual date is there with me live via Snapchat video. …

📷 by: Nelson Vanegas | 👩: Jessica Bolaños Vanegas

I logged in to my Medium account with the intention of writing something, but I didn’t know what it would be. Then on the home page of my feed I read an article by Jesse Genet, CEO of Lumi, titled: “Running a business with boobs: the things I never say”.

Read it. It lists some unfortunately common things that women in business go through…we all have these types of stories to share. Countless stupid stories. Most left un-shared. But if we don’t share them, they’ll continue to be common. …

Jessica Bolaños Vanegas

Digital + Video + Social Impact. Storyteller. Documenting history as it unfolds. Co-Founder @Goodspero. TEDx-er. Former Contributing Writer @HuffPost. She/Her ❤

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